About Archaeology-Insurance.co.uk

Dr John C Mitchell
Head of Archaeology Practice

Having always thought that I would spend my working life in the Archaeology / Heritage sector, I was disappointed when what I considered viable career options didn’t open up for me on the completion of my Doctorate. However, I had a plan: work on the ‘other side’ in business for 10 years, get rich and then return to Archaeology on my own terms! Well, that didn't happen. What I should have done was set up a tools supply operation, like my friend Diarmaid of Archtools – and mix the two worlds.

Anyway, I didn’t and I found myself eventually selling business insurance – and after a few days, I realised that this is where I can mix the two worlds! Insurance for Archaeologists by Archaeologists! Most insurance brokers and insurers have no idea what Archaeologists do – "is that the same as groundworkers or farmers?" "No, we don't insure gardeners." "Oh, architects, we don' t insure them either." "ARCHAEOLOGISTS!!!!"

Archaeology DPhil Thesis – Oxford University
A use-wear analysis of selected British Lower Palaeolithic Handaxe with special reference to the site of Boxgrove (West Sussex): a study incorporating optical microscopy, computer aided image analysis and experimental archaeology.

BA Joint Honours, Bristol University, Archaeology and Geology
Previous experience as Research Assistant and later research Fellow in Ceramic Petrology at the British School at Athens and as a member of the field staff at the Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit.

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